Local Societies

AIA societies are the backbone of our organization. Located across the continental United States, Hawaii, and Canada, and abroad (Athens and Iberia), societies are run by and for their own AIA members, giving individual members the satisfaction of being involved in the AIA on both the national and local level.

AIA Headquarters sponsors national lectures annually for each society. But the heart of every AIA Society is its locally planned programs–field trips, local tours, symposia, film festivals, and study groups–as well as additional lectures organized by each society. Members of societies enjoy a full program of activities throughout the year that serves to foster and enhance their interest in archaeology.

Find a society near you!

For more information about societies in your area, or to find out how to start a new society, please contact the Membership Coordinator at (617) 353-8706 or societies@aia.bu.edu.

Excerpt from the “AIA Societies Overview

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